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  • December 29, 2020
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RemoteClick promises high quality services to our employers and freelancers. Both the employee and employer at some point they require a guarantee of a quality and sure output. The employer requires that he is guaranteed that the person that is going to work on their project are both professionals and experts on what they say on their profiles and the services listed.

On the other hand freelancers needs a guarantee that after they have worked on a project or two, they will actually get paid. To ensure both parties are happy that is where the verification comes in.

1. What is verification?

Account verification is the process of verifying that a new or existing account is owned and operated by a specified real individual or organization. … Verified accounts are often visually distinguished by check mark icons or badges next to the names of individuals or organizations.

What is verified?

For employers: We verify their ID by requesting NIDA ID# and photo, Passport and phone numbers.

For freelancers: Freelancers are verified using their ID by enquiring NIDA # and photo/Passport. But for freelancers we go an extra step by also verifying professional achievements by requiring they provide certificates and year accomplished.

#1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is likely an idea with which you’re already at least broadly familiar. The term refers to the privacy of your data. When your information is confidential, it isn’t disclosed or accessible by any unauthorized individual or organization. Confidential data is private data. We dont sell or give your data to third-parties. 

#2. Integrity

Whereas confidentiality refers to data access, the idea of integrity is more concerned with the accuracy of that data. Data integrity means you have an assurance that your data can’t be altered, augmented, or deleted — either by an unauthorized third-party or as a result of hardware or software failure. 

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